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Robert Bob Noble of Ingleside Ontario

bob & Marie


Of all of the hate group members to participate Robert “Bob” Noble has posted the most comments.  He is pictured above with his friend Marie Rainey.


When Mr. Noble was suspended by facebook, group founder and moderator Kevin Dockery posted this defaced Poppy of Mr. Noble as though he was a fallen soldier.

When shown this image Bill Maxwell of the Legion responded to a Cornwall Free News writer:

“It is a first. I have never seen such a blatant defacement of our sacred symbol and believe that if other Canadians could see it, they’d be as outraged as I am,” says Bill Maxwell, who is secretary of the Legion’s Poppy and Remembrance Committee.

Mr. Dockery and Noble were defended by fellow group member Mr. Jim Brownell, retired school teacher and former Liberal MPP.  Mr. Brownell, the honorary Lt. Col of the SD&G Highlanders unit in Cornwall Ontario, when asked about the defacement is quoted as saying that he is not his brother’s keeper.

april 2 facebook NOBLE 1


Most of Mr. Noble’s attacks are towards Jamie Gilcig, editor of The Cornwall Free News & South Stormont News, or his pets, or his legal representatives.

april 2 facebook NOBLE sharing the photo notice  CROP


April 3  Noble posting my address  CROPPED

The address above was whited out by this site.  The original posted the home address of editor Gilcig.

april 22 facebook NOBLE council

Mr. Noble, an ardent support of South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart went on the offensive against former Mayor Bryan McGillis who along with Ms Hart, Richard and Ruth Currier, and several others worked hard to spread some vicious mistruths about the South Stormont News including that the paper had applied for loans and start up funding which it hadn’t.

april 22 Facebook NOBLE

He focused his attention attacking advertisers of CFN

march 18 bob noble

march 19 bob noble  SSC  2

march 19 bob noble  SSC

march 19 NOBLE integ SSC

Many asked where Mr. Noble got some of his detailed information and numbers.  Allegations where that they came directly from Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, another group supporter and member.

may 1 Bob Noble Facebook defmation PUB

may 1 Bob Noble Facebook defmation

may 1 dockery FACEBOOK dockery hart noble love in pt 2

may 6 FACEBOOK noble dare  HEBERT chopped

This group actually attempted to use an 80 year old war vet to write a letter of complaint to the Integrity commissioner.   They also “helped” him write a letter to the editor of the Standard Freeholder which was published.

The Cornwall Free News actually interviewed Mr. Stewart who admitted that he had in fact not written the letter himself.   He had sat with Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart and Richard Currier at the event.

CFN did reveal the audio of the taped interview.


may 6 FACEBOOK reddic noble  newspaper

april 16 facebook NOBLE GUN

aug 9 FACEBOOK hart brownell bbq

The above post refers to a BBQ and newspaper burning party held at the Currier home.

aug 10 FACEBOOK tammy hart 1

aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq 8 fire paper SSN

aug 10 FACEBOOK currier bbq MISFITS HART

aug 14 facebook NOBLE

aug 15 facebook dockery noble re hart 3

aug 16 facebook Daily Noble Defam

aug 19 FACEBOOK bob noble threat

It has been alleged that “Joseph Roberto” was a false id used by Bob Noble.

aug 26 FACEBOOK roberto 10 Reasons to boycott

bob noble facebook racism DEC 18 2014

boycott group description  FACEBOOK oct 31 2014

While not confirmed if the boycott was effective; the owners of the Marina recently sold their restaurant.

dockery & bedard Lions club debate 2

facebook July 8 2014 NOBLE on dockery video

facebook July 9 link to video that was removed

Copyright infringement was also an issue the group was nailed for.

Hate admission in hate group

july 14 FACEBOOK noble no mercy

july 17 FACEBOOK brownell wo image

july 19 FACEBOOK we are not a hate group

july 19 FACEBOOK boycott joseph roberto

july 25 FACEBOOK noble threat

july 27 FACEBOOK whitney reg missing

June 4 2014 FACEBOOK dockery noble CR HAR

June 4 2014 FACEBOOK dockery noble hart currier

june 6 FACEBOOK noble on dockery a

june 6 FACEBOOK noble on dockery b

june 7 FACEBOOK noble move away

june 7 FACEBOOK noble move away 2 june 7 FACEBOOK noble move away 3 june 7 FACEBOOK noble move away 4


More paper burning.

june 14 FACEBOOK noble reg

june 21 FACEBOOK noble HART arch enemies

june 25 FACEBOOK noble dockery

june 30 Facebook NOBLE poop

march 22 bob noble taxes

March 22 Noble Pit Bull

march 23 dockery NOBLE business suffer

March 23 NOBLE mistake admission

March 27 NOBLE facebook

This was in reference to the petition with over 25% anonymous signatures and over half the signatories not residing in South Stormont.

may 6 FACEBOOK reddic noble  newspaper

may 12 FACEBOOK noble

may 13 FACEBOOK noble

may 19 FACEBOOK nick vandergragt

may 22 FACEBOOK currier FUNDING

may 23 FACEBOOK noble 2x4

may 23 FACEBOOK noble IC

may 24 FACEBOOK noble taxes IC

noble comments 1

Do some of those look like threats?

noble comments 2 noble comments 3 noble comments 4 noble comments 5 noble comments 6 NOBLE confirming XFiles is a Hate group FB nov 8 2014 NOBLE facebook Oct 9 2014 noble paid farm and car Facebook OCT 19 2014

Pankhurst Poppy Facebook NOBLE toxic COMMENT oct 20 2014

sept 8 FACEBOOK noble emails hart

sept 12 FACEBOOK hate group CARSON again

sept 26 FACEBOOK boycott group pinned hart & currier

Bob Noble FINGER bob noble wanting gilcig out of area

noble re moak cartoon Noble rosa parks

This has been just a small portion of the material posted by Mr. Noble. We will update as time allows.